Bolt Weapons

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Bolt weapons (sometimes known as blasters) are a type of gun used by the Imperium of Man that fires explosive tipped bullets called 'Bolts' that are effectively small rocket propelled grenades. They are rather dangerous and expensive to handle and produce as such only the elite soldiers of the Imperium get to use bolt weapons and are somewhat of a status symbol. Space Marines use bolt weapons as their standard armaments.

The bolt weapon 'family' has four main members:

Bolt Pistol

  • The large, rifle form factor Boltgun, recognisable by it snub barrel and sickle shaped clip.


  • The Twin-linked version of the Boltgun, used in combination, known as the StormBolter and PowerFist

Storm Bolter

  • And finally the Heavy Bolter support weapon, firing larger grade bolt shells.

Heavy Bolter

Other variants exist and are in use in the Imperium, but are much rarer do not appear in Exterminatus