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Tyranid Warrior with Devourer

The Devourer is the primary ranged weapon of the Tyranid Warrior class. It is a symbiotic hive creature which draws nutrition from it's host. The hive weapon has a large fleshy front which writhes with maggot like creatures.

In operation the weapon convulses and projecting the maggots out at speed. As soon as the maggot hits anything it starts burrowing until it finds a nerve whcih it chews on until it reaches it's victims brain.

Due to the organic nature of the weapon it slowly regenerates its ammunition by growing more maggots in the body of the symbiote. The body of the devourer can contain many more maggots, allowing it to maintain a longer barrage of shots than the Deathspitter.


Devourers have worse range and a smaller maximum capacity than their marine equivilent the boltgun, however they are good at laying down supressing fire to cover a warriors advance into close combat. Let your weapon regenerate until full, burst out of cover firing at the enemy while you charge them down and slice them up with your talons.