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Playable Open Beta

This download includes all you need to host and play Exterminatus - Rival Species 2. Three Factions: Imperium of Man, Tyranid HiveFleet and the Chaos Legions. Eighteen distinct classes, each with their own weapons. Ten maps from the 41st millennium, each with their own missions and objectives.

This is Beta software, although playable it is not 100% finished. There may be missing or broken features. We need your feedback top make the finshed game as good as it can be, please give us your feedback on the EX forum or Steam Community group.


This self-extracting installer is the recommend way to install Exterminatus, if you already have Steam installed it should automatically install the mod to the correct path.

7 Zip

This 7 zip archive should allow players or server operator who cannot use the self-extracting installer. You may need 7zip to open and extract this archive, you can download it for free from

What Next?

If you are not sure what goes where try the Getting Started section of the Manual.

Alternative Chapters

Optionally you may want to play EX as a different space marine chapter. The following skin packs allow you to play as these chapters. Simply extract them to your Steam/SteamApps/Sourcemods folder. (56KB) (7,010KB) (8,352KB) (7,234KB) (8,874KB) (9,242KB) (10,016KB) (12,779KB) (12,071KB) (9.659KB) (8,564KB) (8,335KB)


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